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What Is Probate And Why Do People Want To Avoid It?

People call us to talk about Probate all the time. We are, after all estate planning and probate lawyers.

Some people call hoping to avoid probate via estate planning.

Some people call after a loved one has died hoping they don’t have to go through probate.

But many, if not most, people, don’t actually know what probate is.

Well, today is your lucky day.

Probate, at it’s most basic core, is simply the process of transferring one person’s assets to someone else.

When someone dies and gives their house or their bank account to someone, probate exists to make sure someone responsible is in charge and make sure everything related to the estate is taken care of (creditors, taxes, distributions, etc.).

The reason you hire a probate attorney to do this is that the process is complicated. There are specific rules to follow and if they aren’t followed it can create a big mess.

That’s also why people want to avoid it. They’d prefer to have an easy, smooth transition of assets from one person to the next.

And that IS possible. You just have to plan correctly.

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