Probate: Navigating the court system After a loved one passes

We Are Ready To Be Your Step-By-Step Guide Through The Process.

Probate is the process by which a family will go before a judge and ask the judge to verify the family is correctly dividing up the estate of their loved one who just passed. At probably the worst time in the world, probate obligates loved ones to go to court, file documents with the court, and take valuable time and resources to approve the division of a loved one's estate all while still grieving their loss.

The judicial system is slow and frustrating; in the best case scenario, the entire probate process from start to finish might take a minimum of six months, but I have seen probate take years. That means your loved ones have at least six months of dealing with frozen bank accounts, paused family home sales, mandatory court documents and hearings, and creditors pestering your loved ones for their share of your estate. For those in charge of dividing up an estate, the entire process can be quite costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining from start to finish.

Legion Law helps you through this entire process; we deal with the creditors. We go to court and file the legally required documents. And, most importantly, we ensure that the process goes as quickly and efficiently as possible so your loved ones can focus on much more important family matters. Additionally, Legion Law creates estate plans that prevent or substantially shorten the entire probate probate process in the first place.

If you or a loved one are in charge of the probate process for a loved one's estate, of if you are looking to escape the entire probate process altogether, please reach out to us in the link below for help.