These clients were a married couple with four adult children. Their goals were to protect their kids in case anything happened to them.

We created a trust plan for them, which included:

  • A Trust;
  • Wills;
  • Powers of Attorney for Finances;
  • Powers of Attorney for Health Care;
  • Advance Health Care Directives;
  • HIPAA Release Form; and,
  • A General Warranty Deed.

The Trust enables the clients to accomplish their goals in providing for their children.

The Wills name a personal representative to act if the clients miss transferring any assets into their Trust during their lifetime.

The Powers of Attorney for Finances designate people to manage the clients’ assets if they are ever incapacitated.

The Powers of Attorney for Health Care nominate people to manage medical care for the clients if they are ever incapacitated.

The Advance Health Care Directives state what type of health care the clients would like if they are ever permanently incapacitated or in a terminal state.

A HIPAA Release Form ensures that everyone has access to medical records to make the smartest medical decisions for someone in the hospital.

The General Warranty Deed transfers the clients’ real property into their Trust, so it will avoid probate and be distributed or used as they wish.

It’s a solid estate plan that ensures the clients’ objectives. Here at Legion Law, we can provide something similar to make sure your objectives are met. Feel free to reach out today!