I’m really proud to talk about this client because it’s the embodiment of why we do what we do, and it shows you the level of client service we’re willing to bring to our clients to get the job done.

This couple was expecting a baby, but also had estate tax concerns AND had a blended family.

Bottom line, there was a lot to think about and a lot to plan for.

So we got started, and as life is want to do, things got in the way.

Next thing we know, though, the new baby is coming. I mean it is due in a WEEK! They wanted to have something in place to at least take care of the baby and have the foundational level of protection.

So I offered a solution: let’s just do a quick and simple plan and then get back to the complicated stuff after the baby is born.

And that’s exactly what we did.

We did the simple plan in under a week and got it signed and sealed five days before baby was due!

And, here’s the other thing I wanted to point out. Do you know what we charged them for this extra work?


We just threw it in. Because that’s what we do.

I can’t wait to be your estate planning attorney. Come and see what makes us so great.

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