It’s never a call I want to receive.

My client called and asked if we could set up a will for his father.

Normally it’s not a problem, but the father had, a couple of weeks ago, been diagnosed with cancer. As it turns out, it was extremely aggressive cancer.

At first the diagnosis was the father still had a year or two to live. Then multiple months. Then a month.

Then it was days. The father’s situation was deteriorating rapidly as cancer can be extremely unpredictable.

The client called me late in the evening and asked if we could set up the will immediately, meaning within 24 hours.

Without hesitation, we both stayed up into the early morning on a Saturday answering emails and exchanging drafts to set up the father’s estate plan. We coordinated our efforts over the phone and email while he catered to his family’s needs.

By the time Saturday afternoon came around, we had an effective estate plan ready to go. I drove over to the father’s home, and we executed the estate plan in the comfort of the father’s home.

The next day the father passed away peacefully in his sleep.

The client mourned his father’s passing. But, thankfully, the mourning was not burdened with additional legal questions and concerns about what is now going to happen to the father’s estate.

I personally believe that it’s unfair that at the worst time in someone’s life, they are forced to deal with both mourning the loss of a loved one and navigating the complexities of the legal system just to access the deceased’s estate’s assets.

Legion Law can help you focus on what matters most in a time of crisis: your family and loved ones. There is absolutely no reason why you have to read a law book while mourning the death of a loved one.

Life can change quickly on a dime. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on rushing an estate plan for a loved one who is in need. We’d be more than happy to cater to your individual circumstances and needs.

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