A client came to me with a rather huge problem: almost everything she owned was frozen in bank accounts in her now deceased husband’s name.

She thought she could still access those assets; I mean, when her husband was still alive, she could do everything out of those accounts!

But all of a sudden everyone told her no; she cannot access that money anymore because the only account owner, the husband, is now deceased.

That means the client had no money to pay bills, no money to pay the mortgage… she couldn’t even pay the funeral costs it took to bury her husband!

She did have a will that stated all of the husband’s assets should go to the wife, so at least she had that going for her.

But the stock broker, the title company, even her local bank of 30+ years couldn’t let her access any of the husband’s assets. Even after she showed them the will clearly stating she was entitled to those assets.

She came to me on the brink of sobbing, worried that she would never be able to access all of these assets she worked for decades to create.

Thankfully her frustration had a simple fix: she needed to go through probate.

Once she started the probate process, she could finally access the assets because a judge gave a magical document to her called “letters testamentary.”

This document states that the wife is now in charge of her husband’s assets, and the third-party had to give her those assets.

All those years of working hard, saving, and getting by almost went down the drain. But thankfully she completely avoided that disaster by working with us to get her through the probate process.

And we can help you too if something pops up. If an asset is titled in a loved one’s name, even if you used it during your lifetime and have every right to possess it, you still will probably have to go through probate.

And we can help you like we helped this client. Feel free to reach out to Legion Law today to resolve any probate questions or concerns that may pop up in your life.

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