This was a pretty run of the mill estate plan, all things considered, and we were happy to help.

A young couple just had a newly born child, and they wanted to ensure that their child and future children, along with loved ones, would receive what the couple worked so hard for during their lifetimes.

They also wanted Uncle Sam to take as little as possible from their estate when they pass away. Understandable.

Unfortunately, the couple never had an estate plan before. If they were to pass away without one, Texas’s default laws would have chosen how the couple’s property would go to their children and loved ones, regardless what the couple would have wanted.

Thankfully, setting up their estate plan was fast and easy: the couple met with an attorney from Legion Law, they signed an engagement agreement and paid a one-time flat-fee online, filled out a brief questionnaire electronically from their home, and Legion Law took care of the rest.

All in all, the couple took a little over an hour of their time to get their entire estate plan from nothing to done.

It was that simple.

If you are looking for an estate planning or probate attorney, we’d love to help. And, when life throws you a curve ball, we’ll be able to help you handle it.

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