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How to Avoid Your Attorney from Scamming You

Recently I offered my services to an executor of an estate.

He was in charge of splitting up his best friend’s estate according to the terms of the friend’s will.

I told him my price, and he was shocked.

I was charging him too little apparently.

In fact, the other attorneys he talked to said they wanted double.

I told him the secret that most attorneys don’t really want to share: there are many probate attorneys who overcharge their clients. Sometimes on purpose.


Because they know you don’t understand probate.

And in Texas, there are multiple forms of probate. A rough number is around 8 to 10 different types.

Each type of probate are dependent on the facts of the deceased, if there is a will, how much debt is owed, etc.

And, most importantly, the type of probate your attorney chooses should be appropriate for the objectives you are trying to accomplish.

But, at the end of the day, there are a lot of opportunities for probate attorneys to select the faster and cheaper forms of probate that the State of Texas provide.

And yet those unscrupulous attorneys will still charge you for the more expensive forms of probate and just pray you don’t know the difference.

My advice? Talk to a probate attorney who gathers the facts before diagnosing a solution.

Don’t let a probate attorney ignore the cheaper and faster forms of probate out there, and don’t be afraid to ask for an in-depth explanation of the path they recommend.

If they don’t give you a direct answer, you should probably consult another attorney just to get a second opinion.