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Got a Signed Estate Plan? NEVER Do This…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my line of work, it’s that time is valuable.

Granted, I waste it all the time. You probably do too. No judgment; our society is filled with time-wasters.

But, at the end of the day, if you want to save more time for yourself (to go waste it later on something you actually want to do), then do this:

Do not file your estate plan with the government while you are still alive.

Don’t file your will with the local courthouse; don’t submit your financial power of attorney to the clerk; don’t even think about sending a copy of your trust to the government.

That’s it. Just do nothing!

And that will save you time.

I perform a signing, and I get this question all the time: What is the next step?

And, as alluded to above, the answer is usually nothing.

In Texas, there is no requirement to file a will with the government while the testator is still alive. There is no requirement to file a revocable living trust with the Texas state government either.

There is no requirement anywhere concerning any document in your signed estate plan. So don’t sweat it!

Now, I do have to say, that the government may later ask you for copies of your estate plan. Some tax appraisal districts will ask for copies of the trust to ensure you still qualify for a homestead.

But the government has to ask first!

So, the next time you sign an estate plan, stick that binder in a place that is readily accessible, and live your life!

And, best of all, go waste your time on something that you actually want to do. I know I will.