Estate Planning: protecting your family's future

We Are Ready To Be Your Step-By-Step Guide Through The Process.

Estate planning ensures that everything that you own (your estate) goes to your loved ones after you pass away. If you die without creating a will or a trust, the outdated laws of Texas will most likely decide how your estate will be divided upon your death. And this can cause some serious headaches for families and loved ones.

As an example, if your second spouse and your kids from your first spouse survive you, it is most likely that the state of Texas will force your kids and their step-parent to jointly own the family home. This means everyone must make joint decisions on transferring interests, refinancing, or even selling the family home upon your death. Do you see the potential for conflicts in this situation? I see it every day in my practice. And Texas laws do not stop there; so many more laws change depending on divorce, oil and gas interests, out-of-state property, retirement accounts, etc. Texas's one-size-fits-all approach may place immense burdens on your family upon your passing that completely ignore your family's dynamics.

Worse yet, it sometimes takes years of lawsuits, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, and immense emotional turmoil just to undo what the laws of Texas force on families who do not have an estate plan.

The best way to prevent this turmoil? Estate planning. Legion Law specializes in ensuring that problems like these never arise in the first place; we create custom-made estate plans that ensure that your estate is split exactly how you want in the cheapest and easiest manner possible. If you need help protecting your family and legacy, please reach out to us by clicking the link below.