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I had a client this past week ask me where in her will she should give $1.00 to her step-daughter.

I asked her what she meant by that.

The client told me that she hates, and I mean hates, her step-daughter, but the client knew that giving the step-daughter $1.00 was the best way to keep the step-daughter from getting anything else under the will.

If you give someone $1.00, then it’s clear: you remembered this person, but you don’t want them to get anything under the will.

I told her the client was wrong.

Just dead wrong.

This is the best way to ruin probate for your future estate.

Think about it: if you don’t give someone anything under a will, or if you give someone just $1.00, you are telling them that they don’t matter either way. And that’s going to piss them off.

But, if you give someone $1.00 under a will, that person is a beneficiary. And that beneficiary is entitled to notices from the court. And notices from the executor. And legal documents outlining the entire estate’s worth. And so much more.

In other words, if you give someone $1.00 under a will, you are inviting that person to sue and cause problems.

If you completely exclude this person from your will, that person has no legal right to be involved in your probate.

Courts are smart; they will know you excluded someone on purpose. Don’t give $1.00 to someone you don’t like because you are playing with fire!

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